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As a real estate business consultant I am passionate about partnering with business owners to develop a strategic approach to business improvement and efficiency

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As a highly experienced Real Estate Business Consultant, I bring years of leadership and strategic planning expertise to the table. With a background that includes diverse roles from start-up companies to CEO positions, I’ve seen and tackled many of the critical business challenges that affect real estate companies. I bring the latest and most relevant insights to clients embarking on any restructure or growth initiatives.

My expertise comes from hands-on experience as an Owner/Director and Licensee in Charge, which gives me a unique perspective on the industry’s challenges and a deep understanding of the necessary steps that it takes to succeed, including efficient operational structures. I have also served as a Board Director and then later as Head of Education and Training with the Real Estate Institute of NSW, this gave me tremendous insights into legislation, compliance and the wonderful work that this peak body performs for the sector. I am a strong proponent for improving the professional standards of real estate practitioners.

With a proven track record of success in helping companies scale up, I offer a range of consultancy services customised to the unique needs and goals of each client. This includes everything from business health checks and strategic planning to leadership coaching, recruitment, communication, compliance, and succession planning. I specialise in the establishment and integration of off-shore teams into your local team equation, allowing for greater productivity and efficiency—a factor that goes hand-in-hand with excellent customer service and improved profitability.

My consulting services will provide you with much more than just advice for your business. I’ll help you plan and implement practical approaches to improve your business operations, all the while leveraging my own expertise as CEO of a Top 10 Ranked REB Australia office for over a decade.

Feel free to reach out to me for more information about how I can help you reach your business goals and take your real estate company to the next level.

"Let us all be the leaders we wish we had"

Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last

How can Shula help you?

How can Shula help you?

Gain Operational Efficiencies with My Business Health Checks

I work with real estate leaders to help them see their way forward, after all it can be lonely at the top. I am someone who has started and scaled a real estate agency, who has walked in your shoes, who understands the daily trials and tribulations.

For me, it has  always been important to surround myself with mentors and likeminded leading people for guidance and to bounce my creative ideas off.

I am often told that I am great at helping leaders bring it all together.

I draw on my experience working in corporate, leadership and real estate business ownership. My philosophy is to work with leaders to assist them with creating a workplace culture where people are inspired, understood, empowered and accountable – all key ingredients to setting yourself free from daily operational demands. Let me help you identify key issues and impacts and prioritise the key elements to be addressed in your agency. I would love the opportunity to support you with reaching your business goals and objectives

Consultancy Outcomes

Consultancy Outcomes


Business owner and leaders agree on priorities to be addressed

Communication Plan

Communication Plan established whereby team members understand business objectives and milestones

Strategic Plan

Simplistic strategic plan developed, highlighting key priorities and to provide visibility on KPI’s, outcomes and timeframes


Explore strategies for growth and scaling up

"Your network equals your net worth"

Kirwin Rae

Hear how Shula helped Ainsley

Hear how Shula helped Ainsley

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"Companies spend time and money on marketing campaigns to build a loyal customer base, but they often neglect to develop an equally strong employment brand to attract the best applicants."

Jim Clifton/Jim Hartner – It’s The Manager

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